About Eric L. Mitchell

Eric L. Mitchell is a captivating national media personality and fast-talking media relations consultant for some of the country’s most gifted personalities. His style continues to garner attention from producers looking for someone with experience in both traditional and digital outlets, such as TV networks, radio stations, streaming services and social platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

When it comes to relationship building, it doesn’t take much for Eric – but knowing this isn’t all he does either. Not many brands are lucky enough to attract as much attention from audiences and consumers alike; which is why many experts like Eric promote these kinds of products so others won’t feel left out or forgotten. Of course, with anything come struggles along the way too which makes his position so alluring because he gets to work on both ends of the spectrum – satisfying advertisers while also pleasing those looking for one thing in particular that they don’t know they need yet!

Eric knows all too well the impact media can have on an individual and those around them. Driven and passionate about building connections, he finds satisfaction when making the dream of others come true. When you work with him, Eric will guide you to discover your niche – just as he would his clients so they could make sure they know where they stand among their competitors. With every project comes a new challenge for him – one that he tackles without hesitation or fail because he knows no matter how hard it may seem now, life is going to provide opportunities for something greater than this – something worth fighting for until it comes true

Eric Mitchell is unmatched at what he does! You will not find another service that firstly, CARES for their clients and secondly, gets RESULTS! With this team, I went From an average Instagrammer to being on Fox in front of millions! Truly incredible.


Phone: 1.503.479.5782
Email: hello@ericlmitchell.com